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JWU Library charges overdue fees for reserve materials only 

A fine will however be charged for any borrowed item that is not returned, or is returned with irreparable damage.  

Overdue Fines for Reserve Items

  • $5.00 per hour up to two hours, after which the cost is $10.00 per day
  • If the item has not been returned after three days a maximum overdue fine of $30.00 is applied, and the borrower is also billed for the lost item (See list of fees for lost items below)
  • If the item is returned after three days, the lost item fee will be forgiven but the overdue fine will remain on the borrower's account and result in a suspension of further borrowing privileges until the fine is paid

Lost or Damaged Books Fee

  • $50.00

Lost or Damaged DVDs Fee

  • $80.00 replacement fee  

                                       Click Here to Pay Online 

                                       It's the only way to pay! No cash or checks.


You must pay all outstanding library fees and fines on your account in order to get your diploma when you graduate!

Please also note: Other libraries from which you borrow items as a JWU borrower, have their own policies for overdue and lost item fees and fines, as well their own as methods of payment. If you are billed by one of these libraries, you will need to contact them directly to resolve the issue.

Questions? Contact the JWU Library Service Desk at 401-598-1021 (Downcity) or 401-598-1466 (Harborside)

Comments (2)

  1. Question: does the max late fee apply to each separate book or overall?Answer: Great question! The max late fee applies to each separate book, as does the replacement cost of 50.00 per book. Try not to lose them!
    by ak on Sep 01, 2020
  2. Only the cost of getting it to the library but unreturned library materials can result in the university witholding your diploma and/or transcript. Thank you
    by Question: I have a library book that is eight years overdue. How much will that cost me? on Oct 08, 2022

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